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The Valenti family originally started farming grapes on their homestead over 100 years ago. The vineyard sits high upon Greenwood Ridge in the Mendocino Ridge appellation. It is just five miles from the Pacific Ocean, a stone’s throw from Baxter Winery and has stunning views of the Anderson Valley below. Mendocino Ridge appellation is special as it consists only of the coastal Mendocino ridge-top areas above 1200ft. Due to it’s location above the fog line it has gained the nick-name ‘Islands in the Clouds’. The ridge-top vineyards appear like islands peeking out from the maritime fog,  which rolls into the valley below at night and lingers there throughout the mornings. Because the ridge-tops escape this, their vines are bathed in long days of sunshine, providing ample temperatures to ripen the grapes, despite their proximity to the Ocean. This vineyard poduces a particularly elegant Pinot Noir due to it’s cooler microclimate. The fruit benefits from slow and steady ripening developing a multi-faceted and complex wine.


100% whole cluster and is reminiscent of the old-world in it’s flavor profile and well as it’s production methods. This wine was fermented under anerobic conditions with the clusters intact until the fermentation begins spontaniously.  We mixed the wine once a day by hand, until the wine was dry.  Once pressed, the wine spent 18 months in a mix of oak and stainless steel before being bottled, and aged a further six months.


The 2009 Baxter ‘Valenti Vineyard’ Pinot Noir has a clear, pretty colour. From the cool and unique climate of Mendocino Ridge, this wine is lean, mean and texturally complex. Aromas evocative of Burgundian wine caves are apparent on the nose - the gravel floor, musty vaulted ceilings and a sweet smell of wine in the air. Earthy notes of leather and spice add the warmth-factor. Once sipped, savory, almost meaty flavors offer up power and depth. Dried fruits, bramble and woodsy flavors dominate. The wine reveals flavors of ripe figs and tones reminiscent of damp earth and luscious Spring-time duff. A herby, almost sage-like undercurrent exists along with a hint of citrus zest, fruit tea and pomegranate. A floral note floats ever-so-subtly above the complex mouthfeel, joined by a hint of coffee bean on the finish.  Soft, dusty tannins resemble the famous phenomenon of ‘Rutherford dust’ of Napa Valley notoriety.  This wine is truly focussed in it’s direction and flavor profile, which shows off it’s whole-cluster production methods to a tee.

Open this wine and let it breath at room temperature for an hour before you eat, longer if you wish. Our pairing suggestions:  Fig with Parma ham, Lamb, Venison,  and dates.

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